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Looking For Alexa Compatable Smart Plugs? Don't Spend $30, These Smart Plugs Do Everything For Less Than Half The Price

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If you're looking to get started powering your smart home with Amazon Echo and Alexa. These smart plugs are a great place to start. This is a cheap investment in your smart home future. And, it's a great starting point to learn about everything Alexa can do for you.

These smart plugs are a great alternative to the 'name-brand' devices you might have seen in the 2525-30 range from brands like TP-Link or Wemo. But, in our opinion, they do everything that those other plugs do for less than half the price.

  • Alexa controlled, no hub required
  • Set smart schedules and timers
  • Use smart scenes for when you're out of town
  • Easy to use App/Alexa skill

To use these smart plugs just download the 'Smart Life' app from your mobile phone, download the 'Smart Life' skill from the Alexa App, and ask Alexa to discover new devices.

Alexa, discover new devices

You should be good to go! Name your plugs in the 'Smart Life' app and ask away!

Alexa, turn on the coffee maker!

Alexa, turn on the bedroom fan

You can pick up a single smart plug for 10oratwopackfor10 or a two pack for 16. That's $8/each!


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