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Create Your Own Alexa Skill in Minutes. Fairytales, Flashcards, Trivia, and More Using Alexa Blueprints

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Amazon recently introduced Alexa Blueprints_._ With Blueprints, you can create unique stories, fun games, voice flash cards, and many more fun voice interactive skills. These skills are only for you to use on your registered Alexa devices. Think of them as your own personal skills for Alexa. 

With Alexa Blueprints, you can create a skill in minutes, literally minutes. We made a quick couple quiz game using the Double Trouble Blueprint and it took around 4 minutes and then two more for Alexa to get it ready for use.

Screenshot 2018-04-20 at 9.12.23 PM

After that, we asked Alexa to open our skill and viola¡ Alexa started our very own game of 'Who is better than the other at listening and paying attention to our relationship? Pt. 2". I might change the name... not sure yet. What do think?


There are more than 20 Skill Blueprints across four categories including Fun & Games, At Home, Storyteller, and Learning & Knowledge.

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Fun & Games

  • Family Jokes: Create a list of your favorite jokes for when you need a laugh
  • Trivia: Create your own multiple choice trivia game on any topic
  • Inspirations: Curate a list of your favorite inspirational quotes
  • Family Trivia: Play together and brush up on family history
  • Bachelorette Party: Play to find out how well the bride's friends know her
  • Birthday Trivia: Play to see who knows the birthday girl or boy best

At Home

  • Custom Q&A: Customize responses to your questions
  • Houseguest: Make your guests feel at home with quick access to important info
  • Babysitter: Help your sitter find things, remember steps and get important info
  • Pet Sitter: Help your pet sitter care for your favorite animal


  • Adventure: Write an adventure story where your child is the hero
  • Fairy Tale: Customize an interactive prince and princess-themed tale
  • Sci-Fi: Create an interactive story with a far-out theme
  • Fable: Create a short narrative with a moral of the story

Learning & Knowledge

  • Flash Cards: Study, test yourself, and master any subject by voice
  • Facts: Keep a list of facts on your favorite topic, all in one place
  • Quiz: Challenge yourself and others with a customizable quiz


One of our favorites, the Storyteller Skill, was so easy that any kid, adult, or otherwise could do it. You can just point and click to make changes to the existing story and customize it for your kids to have a blast. You can insert the kid's names into the Princess 'Blank' and when you ask Alexa to read the story your child will be the Princess in the story! That is fantastic and so much fun for kids.

Of course, this is currently only available for US customers, I know I'm sorry everyone in the UK, Canada, Germany, and others who always feel excluded from new releases on Alexa. While we don't know the sadness you endure, we do feel for you.

You can check out all the features at\_aycZ-o

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