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Alexa Can Now Track Flights, Book Hotels, Explore Travel Options, and Reserve Car Rentals

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We all know Alexa has Skills, lots of them. And, plenty more are being added daily. One of our new favorites is KAYAK, from Kayak, recently updated its Alexa Skill to include many more options. Including flight tracking, hotel bookings, flight search, and more.

To get started check out Kayak in the Alexa Skill Store or in the Alexa App on your mobile device. Of course, you can just enable the skill with your voice as well.

Alexa, enable KAYAK


Great, now we're ready to start tracking flights with Alexa.

Alexa, ask KAYAK to track a flight.

This will prompt Alexa to ask for more details about the flight you want to track. If you're not sure of the flight number just respond with the departure and arrival cities and Alexa will list the flights landing soon. You can also be more specific with Alexa.

Alexa, ask KAYAK when United Flight 3246 is landing?

This will allow you to turn on a notification for when the searched flight lands. Pretty neat, no more fumbling with your phone while you're trying to get a special dinner ready for when your special someone lands at the airport. Alexa will notify you.

When you're ready to start exploring flights and travel destinations, you'll want to set up a home airport so Alexa knows where you normally fly out from.

Alexa, ask KAYAK to set my home airport to...


Now you can ask for travel destinations within your budget, flights, hotels, and even car rentals. Try some of the examples below to get familiar.

Alexa, ask KAYAK where I can go for $500 in June

Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for flights to San Francisco

Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for hotels in Seattle on October 1st

This is just one of many skills being added to the Skill Store daily. You can check out all of the skills on or in the Alexa App on your mobile device.

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