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Amazon is upping its smart home products, agrees to buy Ring, maker of video doorbells

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Amazon has agreed to buy Ring, the Southern Califonia start-up that makes video doorbells and floodlight cameras. Ring, which was featured on Shark Tank back in 2013(it was known as DoorBot back then) didn't get a deal in the tank. But, they did end up getting funding from a well known and later Shark Tank guest investor Richard Branson. Ring grew from a single doorbell to a whole suite of home security products.

Later on, when Amazon released its first Echo device with a screen you could see the convenience of having a wifi connected video doorbell that you could summon with your voice.


This is the second smart home camera company that Amazon has acquired in the last few months. Amazon acquired Blink towards the end of 2017, Blink makes wireless battery powered smart home cameras. Blink also makes one of the most efficient video processors for smart home cameras. This could be combined with the Ring business to make very efficient smart home security devices.

Amazon said that even they "are surprised with the success of Alexa" and are going to "double down" on its personal assistant. This is the start of something very big for Amazon and they're not holding back.

You can check out the suite of Ring's products on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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