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Deal Alert! - Bring Alexa into the car and save $12.51 on the Roav VIVA

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The Roav VIVA was announced earlier this year at CES and it is easily one of our favorite third-party Alexa devices. It features 2 integrated microphones with noise cancellation and accurate voice identification. It allows you just ask Alexa for directions, the news, shop online(not sure why you would do this while you're driving but, go ahead order dog food because you know you forgot it at the grocery store), plays music, and more. It connects to your car via Bluetooth, Carplay, Android Auto, or using the Aux inputs for older cars.


The Roav VIVA also includes 2 High-Speed charging ports with Anker's exclusive PowerIQ technology. To get $10 off your purchase use promo code: VIVA3749 at check out.

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