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Thinking about making your light bulbs smart? This starter kit is 30% off! Plus, two other deals!

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The very popular Smart LED bulb maker Sengled has one of their starter kits on sale to help you get started controlling your home with your voice. This bundle includes 4 A19(2700k) dimmable bulbs and a hub. The hub allows you to control your smart LED bulbs with Alexa. If you're confused about what bulb you need or the '2700K' check out our article about light bulbs.


These bulbs can be controlled with the Sengled app or with your Amazon Echo or Alexa device when the Sengled skill is added.

This starter kit is a great way to get started with Smart LED Bulbs. You need to use the promo code: 30YBVP39 to get the deal. Click the button below to buy now. Also, below we have linked some other great deals from Sengled.

4-Pack Sengled Element Classic A19 Smart LED Bulbs (5000K) - Code: 30QCNK7E

8 Pack - A19 60W Equiv. Soft White (2700K) Smart LED Bulb - Code: 30V6AXB1

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