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Don't Let Alexa Ruin The Christmas Suprise!

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There's a good chance your kids, significant other, or anyone near your Amazon Echo can find out what you bought on Amazon for the holidays. They don't have to sneak on the computer or look under the bed. They can simply ask:

Alexa, where's my stuff?

By default, if you shipment notification turned on, the Amazon Echo will tell you what products are out for shipment, have been delivered, and which ones are getting ready to ship. This can be very helpful, for you. But, Alexa is not that loyal, she responds to anyone (who's not a child and doesn't have an accent).


You can keep Christmas a surprise by heading to the Alexa App on your phone and following the steps below:

  • Open the Alexa App and head to settings.December 15, 2017 83504 PM MST

  • From there go to Notifications.December 15, 2017 83522 PM MST

  • Shopping NotificationsDecember 15, 2017 83535 PM MST

  • And turn off Give product names, notifications and Give product names, “where's my stuff”

    December 15, 2017 83553 PM MST

That's it! Now Alexa will only say the person's name that ordered the package


Hopefully, you didn't learn this the hard way.


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