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Alexa, Make Me Some Money!

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Before today, Alexa developers didn't have any options to monetize their Alexa Skills, but, starting today you can now add in-skill purchases(ISP). This is very much like in-app purchases that you would see for iPhone or Android Apps. That business generated an estimated $60 Billion in 2017. Obviously, we don't expect ISP's to generate anywhere near that but it should entice developers to add more premium content for Alexa users.

Alexa, make me some money!

Previously, developers made money from Amazon for creating skills that made Alexa smarter through Amazon's Developer Rewards program. Now they can take the in-app approach and generate some income of their own. Alexa skill developers have wanted this for a while and Amazon even offered it for a few select skills like Sony's Jeporady and Ellen's Heads-Up skills.

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Amazon also introduced Amazon Pay through Alexa for merchants to sell products and services through Alexa using Amazon Pay. This will allow merchants to sell things like Flowers, Tickets, and more.

We think this is a great progression in the transition from touch to voice interaction with our 'Assistants'. The ability for developers to make money from in-skill purchases incentivizes them to make more useful skills and premium content for us Alexa users. Also, Amazon has said that the in-skill purchases must provide some kind of incentive for Amazon Prime users. A discount or otherwise. I'm sure most of us Alexa users are Prime members and if you're not you should be.

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