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4 Ways To Save Money On Your First or Next Amazon Echo Purchase

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While we try to keep this post updated with current prices, deals, and sales, keep in mind Amazon is very fluid with their prices. Sales and promotions are while supplies last and for a limited time.

Are you looking for your first Amazon Echo? Perhaps, you're looking for your fifth Echo Dot? Either way, you should never pay full price. Below, we're going to show you four ways to save on your next Amazon Echo(s). Also, check out our Deals page for more deals.

Hint: Our favorite way to save is the last one. Scroll down to see it.



Amazon almost always has deals when you purchase multiple Echo devices. Or, when you bundle with a smart plug or smart light bulb. If you're looking to add a couple of Echo Dots or an Echo Plus and Philips Hue Bulb, Amazon has you covered. It's a good idea to check Amazon for their current promotions as they tend to change often.

Currently, Amazon is offering the following Bundles:

Bundling is great when you're just starting out. Especially, if you want to dive right in with a few Echos and a smart plug or camera.

Certified Refurbished

Refurbished products are a product that can no longer be sold as new. This is usually because it was returned because of a defect or didn't meet a customer's expectations. These products work and look like new, and, Amazon's Certified Refurbished devices carry the same limited warranty as for their New devices. The prices on Amazon Refurbished Echo Devices are always changing but you can expect to save 5%-25% depending on the device and current sales.

Shop Amazon Certified Refurbished Devices

Trade in and save!


Did you know you can sell Amazon your old devices? You can! With the Amazon Trade-In program, you can receive an Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items. Currently, you can trade in your old Bluetooth speaker and get an Amazon Gift Card + 25% off a new Echo device. That's over 50offanEchoShowor50 off an Echo Show or 25 off and Amazon Echo! Are you ready to trade-in? Click the link below.

Trade in your Bluetooth speaker, save 25% off an Echo Device

This is a limited-time offer. See Amazon for terms and conditions.

Buy used from Amazon Warehouse


Amazon warehouse is a great way to save on slightly used products. And, when we say "used", in our experience, we can hardly tell that the product was used besides missing the original packaging. Amazon does a pretty good job of providing a short description of the condition of the product, It's usually something like: "Used - Good, Minor cosmetic imperfection". Products from the Amazon Warehouse come with the standard 30-day return policy so if you're not happy you can always return it and try again. Keep in mind, the products go pretty fast and the quantity is very limited. So, check back regularly to find the best deals. We just picked up an Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) for less than $60. That's more than 40% off! We have provided the link to the Amazon Warehouse page for each of the Echo Devices below. As of the time we posted this there were pretty good deals on the Amazon Echo and the Echo Show, but, nothing on the Echo Plus or Echo Spot. Things change fast.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Plus

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