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How to follow along with March Madness and listen live with Alexa

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The big tournament starts today and runs through April 2nd. Everyone has their brackets filled out and are ready for some upsets. We'll get excited this time of year including the non-sports fan. But, don't worry, none of us have watched any college basketball this year either. Really, unless you're a die-hard fan of a specific school or an Alumni you don't watch college basketball. Or in this case, listen to it. We want to show you how you can keep up with March Madness with your friend Alexa.

Stats & Scores

Alexa has a few different skills you can enable to ask for updates. The main one is the official March Madness skill by the NCAA. 51RxbaexTLL.SL210_QL95_BG0,0,0,0_FMpng

March Madness by the NCAA features live score updates, game start times, as well as specific team information. This is a great skill to check in on the games, get score updates and figure out when your favorite school is playing.


Try these phrases:

Alexa, ask March Madness what are todays scores

Alexa, when does they Kentucky game start

This should get you started with updating your bracket.

Listen Live

Of course, we all want to listen to the moment during this year's tournament. The one that will be the hot topic at the water cooler the next day. That's where Westwood One comes in. They cover everything March Madness on the radio and they also bring that to your favorite Alexa device.



Westwood One Spots covers everything from NHL to the Olympics. They also cover March Madness from wire to wire. They will be able to bring action from every game from start to finish, including the National Championship with your favorite school hopefully. Or, at least the school you picked to win it all. Try these phrases to get started and check out the skill in the Alexa Skill store for more details.

Alexa, ask westwood one sports for the march madness mix channel

 Alexa, ask Westwood One Sports for *school name* game.


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