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Alexa will soon be able to answer questions about the products you want to order, maybe...

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Ordering products with Alexa can be troublesome, we've all heard the stories of kids ordering Batman and other toys.

Alexa, buy Batman!! Now!

No, this doesn't work, it results in Alexa asking if you want to buy the top result for "Batman, Now". Alexa gives a price and confirms if you want to buy it. If you have pin-enabled purchases Alexa will ask for your PIN. But, what if I wanted to but a new set of speakers or a smart home camera that works with Alexa? What if you wanted to know if that camera records in 1080p or only 720p? Maybe, I wanted to know how big those speakers are. What if you could just ask Alexa?

We're guessing you'll soon be able to. We noticed something on the Amazon mobile App that says: "Ask us about this item. Enter a question, and we'll search this page." 


Of course, this means nothing for Amazon Echo and Alexa but we thought this might be a start to a new feature for Alexa. So, we tried it with our Amazon Echo.

Alexa, order Kasa Cam

Alexa responded with the top result, the price, and asked if we would like to buy it? Normal? Yes. So we tried something different.

Tell me more

Alexa went on to tell us what she knew about the TP-link Kasa Cam. Then we tried some others questions that we saw on the Amazon App.

Alexa, what's the resoulution?

Alexa, how much does it weigh?

No luck, she didn't know any of the answers. We only got the response asking if we would like to buy it.

So, we tried an Amazon product, one that Alexa should be pretty familiar with, the Amazon Echo Dot.

Alexa, order an Echo Dot.

Sure, the regular response asking if we would like to purchase an Echo Dot. We tried the 'Tell me more' and then some of the other questions like:

How big is it?

How much does it weigh?

Both of these questions resulted in the same answer from Alexa, which sounded like "Poundt". We don't know what a "Poundt" is but it seems it might be a placeholder for what's coming next.

Using what Amazon learns with the chat-bot in the Amazon App is only going to continue to grow the knowledge of Amazon's Alexa. She soon will be able to recommend products and be able to tell you about them. We hope that this will continue past the Manufacturer details and go into the reviews. Think of it like this:

You: "Alexa, order a 65" Sony TV"

Alexa: "Sure, the top result is the Sony XBR65X900E 4K Ultra HD TV, should I order that for you?"

You: "Does this support HDR10?"

Alexa: "Yes, according to Sony this supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, would you like you to buy it?"

You: "Is this a good TV for my Xbox One?"

Alexa: "According to reviews this TV matches your interest in the Xbox One"

It's still not great but it's pretty darn close to the experience you receive at the local Best Buy or Walmart... If you can find an employee that knows what you're talking about.

We'll have to wait and see if this actually becomes an Amazon Alexa feature but we think it should be.

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