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Amazon Echo Show and Spot users can now view their Canary cameras using Amazon Alexa

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Canary announced that users with an Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot as well as select Fire TV's can now view their Canary cameras using Amazon Alexa. Simply enable the Canary skill and ask Alexa:

Alexa, show the front door

Alexa, show me mom's house

The Canary skill for Amazon Alexa is available for Canary All-in-one and Canary View devices running firmware v3.0.0 or higher as well as Canary Flex devices running v2.3.0 or higher. Check out what firmware your Canary device is running here: What firmware is my device running? We featured Canary at CES as one of the companies to watch as Alexa grows.

Check out the lineup of Canary cameras on Amazon here.

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