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Let Alexa Monitor Your Home With This Battery Powered Spotlight Cam. Lowest Price Ever!

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Amazon Prime Day has started and the deals have not disappointed. You can follow all of our coverage at our dedicated Prime Day Page__.

This deal is for Amazon Prime Members only. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here__.

Amazon has the Ring Battery Powered Spotlight Camera on sale for 140,thisbeatsthelowestpriceeverby140, this beats the lowest price ever by 10! This camera is totally wireless no power to hook up and no internet to wire in. Simply install it and start monitoring your home. The camera has the ability to hold two batteries and each on can last up to 6 months! That means you can install it with an extra battery and not have to worry about charging it for another year! Fantastic!

We love the Ring Products because they work with Alexa. You can just say

Alexa, show me my front door

on any Alexa device with a Screen, like, an Echo Show(Which Amazon also discounted $100 off!).


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