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Alexa Wants to Live in A Cube in Your Living Room

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Amazon announced the Fire TV Cube today

The Fire TV Cube is the child of the Fire TV and Echo Dot. The Fire TV Cube has a speaker, like an Echo Dot, but it also has an HDMI port to connect to your TV, like the Fire TV. The idea here is to bring Alexa into the living room. Something many other tech companies have tried before. Apple has the Apple TV, Google has the Chromecast, and Roku has the best streaming device on the market (Sorry, Amazon).

We've written before about controlling your TV with your voice using Alexa and your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. But that didn't work flawlessly. We've been using the Harmony Hub in our house for years and it works very well. This new Fire TV Cube is supposed to fix all of this.

The new Fire TV Cube can integrate with cable boxes, home theater receivers, soundbars, and your TV all at once. It includes an IR Extender that can be placed inside of a cabinet that houses your cable box(You really should get rid of that thing). It makes it possible to ask Alexa to watch your favorite channel.

Alexa, watch ESPN

The command above should let you watch ESPN, it doesn't matter if that's through your Cable subscriber or from services like PlayStation VUE or Sling TV. It's even supposed to work with over-the-air antennas.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is available for pre-order now and begins shipping on June 21st. You can order one now to get delivery on the release date. Prime members can receive a discount until June 8th.

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