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What Happened Last Week with Alexa

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What happened last week with Alexa? We're here to give you the round-up of the latest news with Amazon Echo and Amazon's Alexa. We had another week full of announcements, rumors, and oddball stories surrounding Alexa and the Amazon Echo.

#1 - Alexa Recordings

Last week we saw one of the oddest stories about Alexa sending a private conversation to a co-worker without their consent. And, because of this story, it brought awareness to the fact that yes, Alexa is listening but she is only recording after the wake word is spoken. If you have problems with the Default wake word of "Alexa" you can change it.

If you want to hear what Alexa is recording you can do that also. Check out how here.

#2 - Alexa will start recommending skills based on what you want to do

According to VentureBeat, Alexa will now be able to make recommendations based on natural conversations. Such as:

Alexa, help me relax

This phrase may cause Alexa to recommend Headspace's meditation skill. The recommendation according to an Amazon spokesperson will be based on "A machine learning model is also used to determine which skill is best suited to fulfill a user’s request. Factors considered in which skill Alexa shares include engagement level, rating, and confidence in the match."

Alexa is learning to recommend voice apps based on what you want to do - VentureBeat

#3 - New Motorola Moto G6 - Prime Exclusive

Amazon is continuing it's Prime Exclusive line up of smartphones with the introduction of the Moto G6. The Amazon variant of the popular mid-grade smartphone is $15 less than the regular G6 and comes with Alexa built-in.

#4 - Alexa is coming to Xbox One

According to Windows Central Alexa is coming to Xbox One soon. They received a screenshot from a reliable source familiar with Amazon and Microsoft's efforts to link Alexa and Cortana. The screenshot shows the option to have a new 'Digital Assistant".

[It looks like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are coming to Xbox One](http://It looks like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are coming to Xbox One) - Windows Central

#5 - Parrots are learning to interact with Alexa

#6 - A boy left his mom shocked when his first word was “Alexa”

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