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How to setup a voice profile for a more personal experience with your Amazon Echo and Alexa

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Learn how to set up a voice profile on your Amazon Echo so Alexa can greet you by your name and personalize your experience.

Alexa knows a lot about us, she knows how we like the lights when we watch a movie, what kind of music we like, what we purchase, and when we like to wake up. But, she doesn't know our voice from others. In fact, she lets others do as they please when they talk to her. Let's fix this with a Voice Profile.

Alexa, learn my voice

This is the command you ask your Amazon Echo. Alexa will respond by telling you to mute any nearby Echos. This is because she is going to ask you 10 questions using the different 'wake words' you can use with your Amazon Echo. Or, you can go to your Alexa App and go to Settings > Your Voice



Alexa, order coffee

Computer, turn on the lights,

Amazon, play songs from the 60's

Echo, what's 2 times 2

This is so Amazon can learn your voice for Calling and Messaging as well as Voice Shopping.

Why does Alexa need to know my voice?

Good question. Do you live alone? Does anyone else use the Amazon Echo in your house?These are all reasons that Alexa needs to know your voice from others for the new features that are being added daily to the Amazon Echo/Alexa ecosystem.

Calling and Messaging

Alexa, send Dave a message.

Alexa, call Sarah

These are very handy features that Alexa can do for you, but, what if Alexa doesn't know who you are? Your wife might send Dave a message asking when he wants to meet up for beers. We all know what Dave would be happy to have beers with your wife but I don't think you would be too happy about it.


Alexa can tell who's asking her to play that fantastic playlist that you made for cleaning the house. Except, you didn't make the playlist with Taylor Swift and Beyonce. You made one with Metallica and Bruno Mars(we don't judge). All we know is that you want the right music to clean the house.

Voice Shopping

This is a big one for us. We like to order stuff... And I mean stuff, not anything we could ever need. Just stuff.

Alexa, order a 6' Giant Teepee Play House of Pine Wood

No, Alexa, don't order that... Please, don't order that. But, if she does you will know who did order it. Because your household has set up a Voice Profile on Amazon Echo.

Flash Briefings

This very helpful when you and your other Household Members have different tastes in the news. Not that this has ever happened but maybe you are a little more Liberal than your Husband and don't like to hear those Fox News updates. Or, he doesn't like to hear NPR every morning.

How to edit or delete your Voice Profile

If you no longer want Alexa to know your voice or you need to delete your Voice Profile follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app or go to
  • Tap the hamburger ≡ menu in the top left and select Settings
  • Scroll down to find Your Voice
  • Select Edit your voice or Forget my voice

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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