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How to change the shell on your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

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Did you know you could change the shell your Amazon Echo lives in? If you own an Amazon Echo 2nd generation you can!

Does Alexa fit in with your kitchen? What about your home office? Did you buy a Charcoal Fabric Echo only to realize that a Walnut finish would look better? Well, Amazon thought about this when they designed the Amazon Echo 2nd generation.

It turns out that you can remove the outside shell that Alexa lives in and swap it out for other styles. 

Perhaps, you bought one or more but ended up putting them in a different location than you originally planned. Or, you bought a second one of the same color and now wish it was the Oak Finish to fit in with the new cabinets in the kitchen. We've all been there, don't worry.


Amazon has made it easy to switch out the shells with new ones.

You simply unplug your Amazon Echo, hold the shell. and push the button on the bottom of your 2nd generation Echo(Yes, the one that you never noticed was there) until it releases.

Amazon makes the shells available to purchase separately.

The shells are available in the same finishes as the Echo:

Watch the short video from Amazon on how to change the shell on your Amazon Echo 2nd generation.

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