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Amazon's Alexa can now send SMS messages from your Android phone

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Up until today, you could only send messages to your contacts that also have an Amazon Echo or the Alexa App. Now you can send SMS messages from your Android phone with your voice through Alexa. Simply ask your Amazon Echo to send a text:

Alexa, send a text to Jason.


Alexa, send an SMS to Jason.

You can also say:

Alexa, send a message to Andrea.

And, if Andrea doesn’t have an Amazon Echo or the Alexa App it will default to an SMS message and a link to listen to your audio message.

You have to enable the feature within your Alexa App and you can only send SMS messages from an Android phone. Sorry iPhone users.

Note: You can send messages to an iPhone but not from an iPhone. (This due to the fact that Apple doesn’t allow third-parties access to its iMessage App)

Check out the guide below to learn how to send SMS messages using Alexa.

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Let’s get started, check out the guide below:

Open the Alexa App and go to the conversations tab on the home screen.


We were greeted with an update from Amazon letting us know about the new feature.


Turn on the toggle button to enable SMS messaging.


You'll be prompted with some instructions on how to send a message.


Allow Alexa to send and view SMS messages.


You're all set!

Go ahead and send a text to your friends or family. Here's what the other person sees when they open a text and click the voice message. Looks like the audio expires after 24hrs.


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