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The 7 Best Games You Can Play With Alexa

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With the Echo Dot being the best selling item on Amazon this past Christmas, you're probably one of the people wondering what you can do with your new Echo. Well, there's a lot. There are over 30000 skills(most of them pretty bad) for the Echo and third-party Alexa devices. We're going to focus on the best games you can play with Alexa. 

#7 - Deal or No Deal Game (unofficial) Product Details

Modeled after the popular game show this game does a great job of feeling natural using only your voice to interact with it. Most will find this game strangely addicting. You can open the Alexa App while playing to see what cases are available to pick from.


#6 - Yes Sire

Yes SireThis is a simple game, a simple but very entertaining game. There are hundreds of scenarios to go through to try and manage your wealth and influence. As the Sire, you're asked to make decisions on how to rule your empire. Definitely, a must try App for your Echo.



#5 - Millionaire Quiz Game

Millionaire Quiz GameThis game is similar to Who Want to be A Millionaire. The more questions you answer correctly the more money you win. It has the familiar lifelines from the TV Show; 50/50, Phone a friend, and ask Social Media. You'll be asked 14 questions and if you get them all right you win $1,000,000. It has over 2500 questions so you don't get repeats.


#4 - Jeopardy!


Yes, again, another TV Show made into an Alexa Game to play on your Amazon Echo. With this skill, you can test your knowledge with new clues every weekday.  Categories include sports, pop culture, travel, and much more! Prime Members get a free subscription to Double Jeopardy! Giving you 6 extra clues every weekday.

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#3 - Earplay


This is like an interactive radio drama. It's a totally new storytelling medium where you become part of the story. You get to help decide what happens to characters and in turn how it affects the story. There's a demo to get you used to the storytelling and style. Then, dive right into one of the stories.


#2 - Song Quiz 

Song QuizThis is the best music trivia skill for Alexa. It has playlists from every decade for the last 6. It matches you with other players within the same decade: 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, or 2010's. You get points for answering the correct artist and Title or half points for one of them. Keep in mind you're playing against other 'live' players. There's no interaction between the players only through Alexa.

#1 - Would You Rather For Family

Would You Rather For FamilyThis is our favorite game for any occasion. You can play with just your partner or with friends and family at a get-together. It always has new questions being added, so it's always fresh. It can really make you laugh and enjoy time with your friends instead of just staring at a TV. Plus, you can see how many people agree with you on your decisions.


If you have any games you'd like us to try let us know in the comments below.


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