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The Best Accessories for Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Tap

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Our favorite accessories include battery packs, clothes for your Echo Dot, wall mounts, decor to help your Echo fit in and more!

Alexa Voice Remote for Echo and Echo Dot (not compatible with Echo Tap) - Connects via Bluetooth

Alexa Voice Remote for Echo and Echo Dot (not compatible with Echo Tap)

[613f-uxWrjL.SL1500]( Courtesy: Amazon\

  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Microphone for when it's too loud or you're too far from your Echo.

This no longer comes with a magnetic base for the remote but we can solve that later. This remote is great for whispering to the Amazon Echo rather than having to ask Alexa. You just push and hold the microphone button and speak. I wasn't sure I needed this because the Echo is hands-free but it has come in handy more than a few times.

A case for the Echo Dot(2nd generation), available in multiple colors and materials.

Give Alexa some stylish clothes with these cases for Echo Dot. These are official Amazon accessories for the 2nd generation Echo Dot.  Available in woven fabric or leather wrapped

[echo-dot-case]( Indigo Blue | Courtesy: Amazon\

Colors include:

These are sleeves for your Echo Dot, they're not skins. Expect a loose comfortable fit. They definitely add to the aesthetics of the Echo Dot.

The Spot Outlet Wall Mount - Multiple Colors.

Save your self the counter space with this handy Echo Dot mount. It comes with a short cord to clear the clutter and mount right below the plug. This makes it the perfect accessory for the kitchen or bathroom. We use ours in the bathroom so we can have some tunes and podcasts without taking up the counter space while we get ready.

[wall-mount-dot]( Aqua | Courtesy: Amazon\

Multiple colors:

This works with horizontal or vertical outlets. Keep in mind it may cover the ground plug on the outlet above it. Overall one of our favorite accessories.

Mpow Battery Base for Amazon Echo. (Power Your Echo For Up To 7 Hours)

Cut the power cord to your Echo! This battery base allows you to take your echo anywhere. You can take it from room to room without having to unplug and restart your Echo ever again. You can bring it out to the pool cabana and enjoy hands-free entertainment from the water.

[ech-battery]( Mpow Battery | Courtesy: Amazon


  • 10000 mAh battery for 5-7 hours of use
  • Simply attaches to the base of the Echo
  • 5V/2.4A output to charge your phone or tablet
  • Charges with Echo's original power cable
  • Silicone handle for easy portability

The possibilities are endless with this battery base. Now, Alexa never has to leave your side.

Fintie Protective Case for Amazon Echo - Tons of Colors and Styles

Is your Echo an eyesore? Do you wish you could play dress up with Alexa? Now you can! With 30+ different styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your space.

[echo-case]( Versailles | Courtesy: Amazon\


  • Premium synthetic leather
  • Removable carrying strap
  • Durable nylon fabric to cover the speakers but not the sound

These complement any room to suit your style. Very high quality, and the widest color selection.


Sturdy Wall Mount for Amazon Echo - Provides sufficient space between the Echo and the wall

Clear off your counter space with this wall mount for Amazon Echo. This has a sturdy metal design and was designed with the space needed around the Echo in mind. Use with a wall cable cover to have a nice clean install.

[wall-mount-echo]( Wall Mount | Courtesy: Amazon\

  • Secure your Echo against the wall
  • Same your precious counter space
  • Improves the sound quality of Echo
  • Easy installation

One of our top picks, we do recommend using stronger screws if you have them available to you. If you mount it just below a power outlet it'll look like your home came that way. This is just one of many clever ideas out there for your Amazon Echo.


That's it for this month's best Amazon Echo and Alexa accessories. Let us know in the comments below if you use any of these or you have a different pick for next month.

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